Edgartown Style and Sustainability 

In keeping with the Vineyard’s long-standing heritage of sustainability, the Hob Knob is committed to the health and wellbeing of its guests, the Vineyard and the planet. Eco-friendly practices are visible throughout the hotel, including the use of local, organic foods, kitchen composting, in-room recycling, along with a water-saving linen reuse program and the recent switch to eco-friendly glass water bottles instead of plastic. The hotel also boasts energy-saving compact fluorescent lights, Eco-friendly carpet and fabrics and low VOC paints to optimize clean indoor air quality. Hob Knob exclusively uses non-toxic cleaning solutions and offers Aveda natural bath and body products – the first beauty manufacturer to power its plant with wind energy and one of the largest purchasers of organic ingredients.

  • Local, organic foods
  • Composting & recycling
  • Water-saving linen reuse program
  • Energy-saving compact fluorescent lighting
  • Eco-friendly carpet & fabrics
  • Low VOC paints
  • Aveda natural bath and body products
  • Non-toxic cleaning products

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